Windows under linux

Wine installation

Since writing this, I decided that Wine under windows is a bit limited.
Some things work fine, but some things are just a faff.
I found that Oracle's Virtual Box is the better solution.
On a 4GB machine, as much as 1.5GB of RAM can be allocated to Windows, which will run adequately.
The advantage of a virtual machine is that the system can be backed up and recovered easily.
Also, instead of being tied into Wine's interpretation of Windows you run a standard Windows.
And you can run XP for those things that still use XP
Or 7 for things that need 7.

Applications that can be used

Adobe Photoshop Elements

A popular Windows Application, not as extensive as Photoshop CS, but a low budget image processing suite with built in functions and the facility to incorporate more specialist plug-ins.


Plug-ins for Elements have to built in Photoshop CS, so one cannot create one's own functions within Elements. Noel Carboni's Actions for Photoshop is aimed at Photoshop CS, but a version for Elements is also available from ProDigitalSoftware at a reasonable cost:

Astronomy applications

Deep Sky Stacker

Distributed as Windows 'Freeware', what it says on the tin sums it up. A program geared to aligning and stacking multiple exposures of deep sky objects, incorporating darks, flats and bias:


The software can be downloaded from DSS web-site, where there is a comprehensive guide, wiki and faq. There is also a support group available on yahoo:


This is another Windows package that the authors distribute for free. It can be used to stack multiple image files as well, and will work with AVI video files. It is best suited to planetary and lunar images.


Downloads, details of the software and latest releases are available on the Registax web-site, and there is a support group on Yahoo:


Iris is a purpose built astronomical image processing suite with support for a variety of cameras, including Canon DSLRs, and is distributed for free.


On the web-site there are a number of tutorials to help learn to use the software , and there is a support group:

Stark Labs

Craig Stark has been involved in the developement of a number of applications to assist imagers, mainly for windows. Because of the impossibility of using the ASCOM platform under Wine (at this time) and the lack of any sign that ASCOM might be ported to Linux, I am not including any detail about the range of applications that need ASCOM to work properly. However, Craig Stark is working on getting PHD guiding operational on Linux, in conjunction with authors working on the INDI platform and QHY drivers. I include items like PHD here because it runs under windows, alongside the list of commercial applications produced by Stark Labs. None of these have been tested under wine by myself, because I either do not have access to them, or have not tried them, or they will not function in the way intended under Wine:

PHD Guiding (freeware, donation requested)
Nebulosity (download with a fee)
DSLR Shutter (freeware, donation)
Craterlet (freeware, donation)

The web-site is informative, and there is a support group for users:

K3CCD tools

Another windows application that is geared to use of hardware drivers that would render it non-functional under Wine. I include it here, although have not tried it outside Windows.