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Welcome to this space on the web that has been created for astronomy and linux. In time it will include notes and observations to do with astronomy and related equipment. The main emphasis will be in the context of linux computing and software, what is available, what it can do, and how to make use of it.

This covers astronomy packages that have been released in installable form, and accessible via the system repositories or software management tools, releases that need to be built on the PC, and a section on ongoing development (and dormant) projects that can be drawn on for future reference. This is supplemented with information on running open-source or 'free' applications that run under Windows, using the Wine emulator on Linux.

This project initially started as a place to document what I have found, as a reference point for myself, but it is being shared because there may be others who could benefit from the information presented this way, and who may like to contribute. If anybody would like to correct and/or contribute, simply request this and I'll be happy to sign you up. The wiki will initially focus on the Debian and Ubuntu distributions, because that is what I am familiar with, but this will be supplemented with information on Fedora, SuSe, PClinuxOS, and other distributions eventually. Hopefully this will also be a place where experiences with observing equipment, observation, and the results of imaging can be incorporated.

The site will include where to access documentation, general books that can be referenced, web-sites that deal with related issues, and what different distributions have to offer. There is also a section that looks at things that might be of interest to people, such as web browsers, e-mail, and office suites in Linux.

This site is on hold, as I am transferring some of the info to SLOOH and transcribing relevant items for OSX.

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